Heroes of the Faith - This is under construction

 Big word of recommendation to Secular saints, a wonderful book written by Joan Carroll Cruz, who has an extensive list of Lay Saints and a brief life story of each. Can be bought on Amazon Click link to buy

Servant of God Frank Duff

Venerable Edel Quinn

Servant of God Alfie Lambe

Venerable Matt Talbot

Venerable Matteo Farina

Saint Rolende of Gerpinnes

Saint Maria Guo Lizhi

Blessed Juan Barrera Méndez

Blessed Rosalío Benito

Blessed Miguel Tiu Imul

Blessed Domingo del Barrio Batz

Venerable Mario Hiriart Pulido

Blessed Nelson Rutilio Lemus Chávez

Blessed Manuel Solórzano

List of Lay Saints

St.Adabald of Ostrevant


Blessed Adrian Fortescue


Sts Agape, Chionia, and Irene




Blessed Albert of Bergamo

Blessed Alpais

Blessed Amadeus IX

Blessed Angela of Foligno

Blessed Anna marai Taigi

St.Anne Lyne

St. Caesarius

St. Casimir

St. Cassian Bl. Castora Gabrielli  

St. Catherine of Genoa

St. Ceadwalla

St. Cecilia  

Bl.  Charles of Blois

Bl.  Charles the Good  

St.  Charles Lwanga and Companions  

Bl.  Claritus

St.  Clotilde  

Bl. Contardo Ferrini

Sts. Cosmas and Damian

St. Cuthman

St. Dagobert II

St. Davinus  

St. Dominic Savio

St. Dorothea of Montau

St. Drogo  

St. Dymphna

St. Edgar, King of England

St. Edmund, King of East Anglia

St. Edward, the Boy King

Bl. Edward Coleman

St. Edward the Confessor

St. Edwin

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

St. Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal

St. Elzear and Bl. Delphina

St. Epipodius and St. Alexander

St. Ethelbert

St. Eulalia of Merida

St. Fabiola

St. Felicitas and Her Seven Sons  

Bl. Ferdinand of Portugal

St. Ferdinand III of Castile

St. Flora and St. Mary

St.  Genesius  

St.  Gengulphus  

St.  Gerald of Aurillac

Bl.  Gerard of Monza  

St. Germaine    Cousin  

St. Godelieve  

St. Gorgonia    

St. Gotteschalc  

St. Gudule  

St. Gummarus

St. Guntramnus  

St. Guy or Guido

St. Hallvard

St. Hedwig

St. Hedwig, Queen of Poland  

Bl. Helen dei Cavalcanti

Bl. Helen Duglioli  

St. Helen (Elin) of Skofde

St. Helena

St. Henry II

Bl. Henry the Shoemaker

Bl. Henry of Treviso (BL Henry of Bolzano)

St. Hermengild

St. Homobonus  

Little St. Hugh of Lincoln

St. Hunna  

St. Hyacinth and St. Protus

Bl. Ida of Boulogne

St. Ida of Herzfeld

Bl. Isabella of France

St. Isidore the Farmer

 Bl. Ivetta of Huy

BL Jacoba

BL James Bird

BL James Duckett

St. James Intercisus

Bl. Jeanne Marie de Maille

BL Joan of Aza

BL Joan of Signa

Sts. John, Anthony, and Eustace  

Bl. John Slade and Bl. John Bodey

BL John Felton

St. John Rigby  

Bl. John Storey

St. Joseph Moscati

St. Joseph of Palestine

Bl. Josefa Naval Girbes

St. Julia

St. Julian the Hospitaller

St. Julitta and St. Cyricus

St. Julitta

St. Justus and St. Pastor

Bl Kateri Tekakwitha

122.   St. Ladislas  

123.   Bl. Laurence Humphrey

124.   St. Leonidas

St. Leopold

Bl. Lodovica Albertoni  

St. Louis IX, King of France  

BL Louis Morbioli

 Bl. Louis of Thuringia

St. Luchesius 

Sts. Lucian and Marcian

St. Ludmila  

St. Lufthild

St. Lydwine of Schiedam

 St. Macrina the Elder

St. Mammas

Bl. Marcel Calio

St. Marcellus

St. Margaret the Barefooted  

Bl. Margaret  of Castello

St. Margaret Clitherow

St. Margaret of Cortona

BL Margaret Fontana

BL Margaret of Louvain

BL Margaret Pole

St. Margaret of Scotland  

St. Margaret Ward and BL John Roche

Bl. Maria Bartolomea Bagnesi

BL Maria Christina of Savoy

St. Maria Goretti  

St. Marino

St. Mary of Egypt

St. Matilda  

Ven. Matthew Talbot

BL Michelina of Pesaro

St. Monica

St. Nicarete

St. Nicholas of Flue

Ven. Nicholas Horner

St.  Nicholas  Peregrinus

St. Nonna

St. Notburga

BL Novellone

St. Nunilo and St. Alodia  

St. Olaf

St. Olga (Helga)

St. Oswin

St. Pantaleon

Bl. Paola Gambara-Costa

Ven. Pauline Jaricot  

St. Pelagius

BL Pepin of Landen

St. Perpetua and St. Felicitas

Peter Tecelano

Philemon and St. Apollonius

Philip Howard

BL Pierina Morosini

St. Polyeuctus

St. Potamiana


Prosper of Aquitaine


Ralph Milner

Raymond Lull



Richard  Gwyn 

Richard Herst


Rose of Viterbo






Sibyllina Biscossi (1287-1367).......

St. Sigebert

St. Simon of Tyent

St. Solangia

St. Solomon

St. Stephen, King of Hungary  

Bl. Stilla

St. Swithin Wells

St. Syncletica

Sts. Tharsilla and Emiliana  

St. Theobaldus

St. Theodota

St. Thomas More

Bl. Thomas Percy

Bl. Thomas Sherwood

St. Ulphia

St. Victor of Marseilles

Bl. Villana de Botti  

St. Vladimir  

St. Wenceslas

St. Wernher  

Bl. William Howard  

St. William of Norwich

St. William of Rochester  

Bl. Zdislava Berka

St. Zita